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What our Customers are saying.................. TESTIMONIALS.....................

“CIMtech is a great machining, manufacturing, BC supplier. Together we have developed several complex machined parts that might have failed but for the keen observations and suggestions offered by CIMtech Manufacturing. They really help with concise feedback to improve machining, manufacturability, and to simplify our CNC machined parts. Always a pleasure to work with.”
Charlie Elder - Mechanical Design Engineering Manager

"CIMtech is one of the most technologically advanced& responsive CNC machining supplier for machine shop work, we use for manufacturing in BC, I have great pleasure working with CIMtech Manufacturing. What sets CIMtech aside from the rest of my CNC machining vendors, is their commitment to customer service. They are experts in machining & manufacturing, complete assemblies and for general machine shop work. CIMtech manufacturing works very hard to make certain that we are always satisfied with their machine shop work. CIMtech Manufacturing will go the extra mile to meet specific deadlines”.
Daniel Grady, M.S. - Buyer

“CIMtech has been diligent in pointing out design/manufacturing issues on jig fixture, assemblies & CNC machined parts. They continually work with us to come up with better solutions for manufacturability& machining of CNC parts. CIMtech has one of the best manufacturing facilities in BC. I am happy to recommend CIMtech manufacturing engineering services”.
Emilie Cautaert - Project Leader

“CIMtech is a remarkably agile company that flows with our production demands for machine parts and our requirements for manufacturing in BC, working with Paul and his staff makes us at SandVault Group confident in achieving our production runs with best quality machined parts, fabrication, assemblies and general machine shop work, even in the most chaotic times of the year. Although the timelines are sometimes rushed, CIMtech manufacturing quality never falters.

We look forward to working with the CIMtech manufacturing team to meet or exceed our requirements for CNC machined parts, manufacturing assemblies and machine shop work for years to come”.
Derrick Moennick - Business Development

“In the past, we were forced into dealing with a complex network of machining suppliers, which was extremely aggravating to say the least. Now, we turn to CIMtech manufacturing in BC as our preferred turnkey CNC machining supplier."
Bryan Smith – Vice President (Manufacturing)

“We became acquainted with CIMtech Mfg. Inc. when They were specified as a second tier machining supplier by our customer. The reasons for their decision became abundantly clear. CIMtech manufacturing has an enviable track record of delivering a high level of quality machined parts and service with every order."

"When deciding on a preferred CNC machining supplier, quality control was our top priority. CIMtech manufacturing quality procedures proved to us that they are a CNC machine shop committed to addressing even our most challenging work for manufacturing production requirements in BC”.

"Our company recently experienced turnover in our purchasing department. CIMtech offered our new team members a unique education, in machined parts, providing them with valuable product history, thus preventing costly errors. They have exceeded our expectations as a manufacturing, BC supplier for CNC machining and machine shop work."
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