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About CIMtech Mfg.

CIMtech is a rapidly expanding technology company that manufactures electrolyzers and hydrogen fuel cell assemblies. Our global customers may profit significantly from our 20 years of production experience in the hydrogen energy field.
Additionally, CIMtech has been listed as one of Canada’s top 10 manufacturers. We offer services ranging from large-scale production to proof-of-concept prototypes. Development and production of fuel cell and electrolyzer assemblies are part of our turnkey solutions.
Global giants including Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot use fuel cell components made by CIMtech in their hydrogen-powered forklift equipment. HYVIA delivery vans in Europe (Renault Group), FedEx airport tuggers at Albany International Airport in New York, and hydrogen-fuel cell electric cars are only a few examples of the vehicles that use fuel cell sub-assemblies made by CIMtech.
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CIMtech is playing a vital role in creating a greener planet with carbon-neutral initiatives for making our planet a safe place for future generations.
Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Fuel Cell Stacks, Electrolyzers & Assemblies. Bring your concept to life. We can produce your prototypes directly from a solid model in two weeks.

DFM Services

Optimize your product cost with DFM Engineering Services. Five million dollars saved to our customers.

3D Printing

3D Printing-Additive Manufacturing parts at consistently low prices and fast lead times.

See why our customers love us

CIMtech expertise in Fuel Cell Manufacturing really helped us to move new projects forward
quickly. There new development prototyping division worked closely with our engineering team
to refine designs and reduce cycle time for new product development. CIMtech Advance Digital
Manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Canada is geared to provide Quick Services. I am happy to
recommend their manufacturing engineering services.

Cassie, Project Manager at Electrolyzer manufacturing Company

They have developed several complex Fuel Cell Assemblies for us. CIMtech DFM feedback
helped us to lower the cost of parts by 30%.There Approach to simplify manufacturing of new
parts helped us to reduce final product cost significantly.

Mark, Engineering Manager at Fuel Cell Company

CIMtech is a remarkably agile company that flows with our production demands for CNC
manufactured parts. Although our timelines are sometimes rushed, their quality never falters.

Steve, Sr. Buyer at Aerospace Company

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