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Eliminating the carbon footprint is a global challenge, reducing further emissions is in our hands. This requires creative thinking, and green solutions for a sustainable future.

CIMtech is ensuring a greener planet with zero-carbon initiatives which makes our planet a better and safer place to live.

CIMtech Green (CIMtech), is a Canada based Hydrogen fuel cell components & assemblies’ manufacturer. The company has recently doubled their footprint in Vancouver, Canada through an acquisition of a 10,000 sq. ft advanced manufacturing facility. This expansion will increase CIMtech Green, operational capabilities by 200% to allow for increased service levels for their global customers in the green energy sector. CIMtech Green has been nominated as a Top 10 Manufacturing Company in Canada. CIMtech has been providing manufacturing services from proof of concept to scaled manufacturing for last 15 years. Their full turnkey solutions are paving the way for the development and manufacturing of fuel cell and electric vehicle components and assemblies.

CIMtech-manufactured fuel cell components are utilized by global players such as Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot for their hydrogen[1]powered forklift equipment. Fuel cell sub-assemblies & Components manufactured by CIMtech used in HEV such as HYVIA delivery vans in Europe (Renault Group), FedEx airport tuggers at Albany International Airport in New York and hydrogen-fuel cell electric vehicles. With over 15+ years in operation, CIMtech has earned a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that save clients both time and money; having effective systems, processes, and policies in place; and project history that demonstrates a depth of expertise and experience the company is set for rapid growth in green energy sector.

The Products and Services[1]

CIMtech workflow processes drives company’s digital manufacturing processes, embracing INDUSTRY 4.0 smart manufacturing initiatives. With multiple years of expertise in fuel cell related parts & assemblies has given CIMtech an edge over its competitors to provide full TURNED KEY SOLUTIONS from proof of concept to large scale manufacturing under one roof. “CIMtech services in DFM, Zero Inventory Program ensures the lowest cost of manufacturing for our customers.”

DFM (Design for Manufacturing)- Zero Inventory Program – Zero-Carbon Initiatives.

Utilizing multiple years of CIMtech expertise in manufacturing cost reduction and DFM techniques help in Hydrogen green energy customers to introduce new products to market quickly, gaining market share and revenue growth.

“Whether you are an entrepreneur with a revolutionary concept or a company managing a team of fifty engineers, CIMtech Mfg. Inc’s innovation can make your product a success.

How Tolerances Affect Product Manufacturing Costs.

Tolerances affect product design, manufacturing, and quality control, making them critical to the successful performance of an end product. 

Customers sometimes ask us why a part is so expensive in prototyping or production. Many times designers don’t realize that extending overall tolerances by one more decimal point can increase the cost of part by a factor of two or three. 

Therefore an extra decimal of overall tolerance which is not specified for a technical reason, can cost you thousands of dollars over the life of a manufactured part. That is because tighter tolerances require greater care in machining and inspecting in order to ensure accuracy. 

Progressive Machine shops like CIMTech Manufacturing get involved with our customers during earlier stages of product development, understanding customer’s functionality requirements, assisting them to optimize their part designs to lower cost of manufacturing. 

Choosing proper tolerances can help you to ensure product quality, ease of manufacturing, and time to market. If you don’t know or are unsure about what tolerances are right for your project don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

CIMtech Mfg will walk you through the decision points helping you identify what is mission critical and determine the proper tolerances for your parts.

Estimating manufacturing costs

Choosing The Right Machine Shop


CNC machining is the process of removing material from a raw block of metal or plastic. It’s best described as subtraction manufacturing. Starting with a solid piece of material the tools remove layers until the desired shape and dimensions are approved. Compared to 3D printing which is an additive process, building a part or component in layers from a 3D printer.

In a CNC machine shop, machinists can work with just about any material, such as wood, copper, steel, foam, and polypropylene. The difference being what the machine shop works with on a regular bases. Let’s say a machine shop which works mainly with metal and plastics will not take on a wood project and they shouldn’t.

Can you guess what exactly happens in a CNC shop? As it turns out, a lot happens. From start to finish, the process is intricate and impressive.

Being a machinist is in fact not a simple task. It requires not only knowledge of the tools, but the skills needed to perform the job properly and efficiently.

A machine shop typically consists of the following types of equipment for producing parts.


  • Milling machine.
  • Metal lathe machine.
  • Multitasking machine.
  • Machining center.
  • Grinding machine.
  • Drill press.
  • Welding machine.
  • Inspection equipment.

Choosing the best Machine Shop for the project at hand.

Before you place an order with a machine shop, you should ensure that it has the required expertise, sophisticated equipment, and production capacity that meet the requirement of the project.


Precision areas and assemblies ought to be produced directly by manufacturers who may have a formal idea of the requirements for your part about its program. In many cases, parts should be machined from your particular combination to withstand the load of the application form, and possibly be tested having CMM inspection done to be sure tolerances exist between your part and also the design files.

If you will need parts or assemblies that require high level of skills to produce, choose a machine shop containing experience creating the type of part or assembly you will need, and is aware of the demands of the application when the part will be used.


Every customer will always want to get the right quality services from the machine shop. You not only need to consider the level of qualification of the employees but also of the equipment in the machine shop. Typically, the capabilities of a machine shop are defined by the type of sophisticated machine it has in carrying out its projects.

Production Capacity

Projects vary in size and volumes. Some machine shops are limited by capacity while others can handle and size of the order. Before settling on the right machine shop for your needs of let’s say <150 units you should see how many parts the machine shop currently handles. You would not want to choose a shop that mainly produces 50 parts or less for a 150 – 250 project requirement.

Nevertheless, if your project is a one-time thing and involves small parts, a machine shop that handles such projects should be sort. This is because small machine shops provide personalized services and can handle clients efficiently.

Custom services

The progressive business environment encounters constant changes in technology and how our parts are made. Consequently, new manufacturing processes that use new equipment and unique techniques to complete any given part. This requires the services of a custom machine shop that can be able to come up with such parts that are not at present in existence in the market.

Therefore, custom machining requires a custom machine shop that will meet your objectives and coordinate with the fabrication and secondary processes. CIMtech Mfg is one of those, CNC Machining and Machine Shop producing high-quality metal and to customer specifications.

Cost of services

Machine shop provides different services with different prices. Machine Shops charge different rates from one another due to the level of competition in the ever-changing market. Depending on your pocket size and the project requirements, always chose a machine shop that will charge you the right prices for the right service, negotiation is key.

You can always look up online for local machine shops and compare contrast cost, if price is your main factor in the decision. In contrast to that a shop that gives you a lower quote is not necessarily going to be the best fit. They could have bad delivery ratings or quality of work isn’t that great which is why the cost is sometimes lower. Search for information on prices and compare them before deciding on the prospective machine shop.

(DFM) Design for Manufacturing

Whether you have a simple project or complex sub-assemblies CIMtechs in house resources and expertise will project completed on time with above quality everytime. Our machining experts utilize latest CAD CAM software. After manufacturing design feedback has been approved by our customers, we can take it to the next phase and manufacture your parts and assemblies in-house. Our manufacturing facilities will deliver your parts or sub-assembled units including all documentation.

  • Improvement on manufacturability & function
  • Manufacturing feedback
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototyping

After-sale services

There several machine shops that provides after sale services to its customers. They are services provided to ensure that clients expectations are met in terms of quality of products and services rendered. It ranges from availing free inventory, free DFM feedback, and provision of spare parts and free maintenances for a specified period.

Most shops use it as a marketing tool because of the positive word of mouth associated with a satisfied customer. It is, therefore, advisable to choose the machine shop that offers this service so as to take advantage of the unpaid service.

Machine shop services comprise of tooling administrations for different sorts of parts from aerospace precision parts to electronic enclosures. In the event that you require the services of a machine shop, make certain to choose an organization that has the mastery, sophisticated hardware, and production ability to handle your request.

Why Choose CIMtech Mfg for your next Project.


When you partner with CIMtech our clients can utilize our free manufacturing design feedback to help lower cost on their CNC Machined Parts.

Three Advanced Multiaxis CNC machining centers use simultaneous milling and turning technologies. Paperless digital workflow management systems combined Hi-tech equipment, manufacture parts with Micron Precision.

Our capabilities can produce parts ranging in size from 1 inch to 80 inches with high precision, demanded by our customers. 

We have become value added source for all-inclusive turnkey services for Hi-tech companies. Working with certified suppliers, CIMtech’s Mfg advanced manufacturing offers diverse processing techniques for variety of finishes. This allows us to serve as a one-stop-solution provided for innovative OEMs.