CMM Services

CMM Inspection Services include Dimensional Reports for First Articles & PPAP. 5-Axis, CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is designed for high tolerance inspection work. With work envelope of 40 x 25 inches, we can inspect multiple parts at same time. CMM contract services from CIMtech Mfg, can cover your first article & PPAP reporting including reverse engineering services. With Probing systems from Renishaw.  We can inspect parts with high accuracy & low force contact.

We provide dimensional inspection services using Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). The CMM is the most commonly used in performing First Article Inspection (F.A.I.) for quality inspection purposes. F.A.I. is the verification of an initial manufactured part prior to running it in full production. This verification is achieved by comparing the part to CAD model or drawing.

We can create CMM inspection programs. We utilize customer’s CAD file & drawing with your inspection requirements. *PC-DMIS++® is a trademark of Hexagon AB or its subsidiaries.

When it comes to CMM inspection, every calculation count.

CMM Inspection of a Manifold

Contract Inspection | CMM Inspection Services

By utilizing your engineering drawings models, we can measure complex parts using GD&T or standard dimensioning formats. We provide a comprehensive inspection report.

CMM Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional Inspection Services can be utilized over a variety of industries like Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Automotive and Hi-Tech electronics.

Reverse Engineering

We can provide reverse engineering services by scanning your existing parts.

  • PPAP, First Article Inspection
  • CAD Comparison
  • Inspection functions
  • GD&T analysis
  • Inspection & Reporting


We look forward to continue working with the CIMtech CNC Machine Shop team for their quality work on CNC machined parts, CMM inspection reporting, manufacturing assemblies & Machine Shop work.

Derrick - Purchasing Director