Passion for Manufacturing Engineering


Paul Attending the ADSE Expo - Aerospace Engineers


Paul moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1988 and started his manufacturing engineering career in one of the leading hi-technology companies in British Columbia, being a part of company that had a growth from 10 employee start up to 5000 employees in a fifteen year’s period has enhanced his passion to continue to grow and push through the obstacles.

During his childhood, his father had great desire to educate him to become a pioneer in the engineering field. His father passed away when he was a young boy. Since then he has made his lifelong mission to pursue this profession to fulfill his father’s passion for engineering. Paul was trained by swiss tool makers in one of the leading technical institutes in India for precision mechanics, instrumentation and manufacturing engineering.

The beauty of engineering is that with every new client comes a new challenge to overcome and knowledge to gain.

When Paul started CIMtech Mfg two decades ago he has been instrumental in training engineers in DFM processes. The objective of course is to design for lower cost. The cost being driven by time, so the design must minimize the time required to not just machine, but also optimize set-up time of the appropriate CNC machine being used.

He has been apart of many new product development cycles, starting from proof of concept to full production giving him rich understanding in optimizing for manufacturing cost reduction during initial stages of the design phase.

This enabled mechanical engineers (Over 500) decades of techniques that can be implemented to save during earlier stages of product development.

Taking this approach truly provided value for companies to stay competitive in the market place.

We take steps to ensure that each prototype reflects your required specifications and DFM standards. If you have an upcoming projects or product idea and want to make it a reality, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can provide high-quality prototyping and manufacturing services at budget-friendly rates and with a quick turnaround.