Digital Manufacturing

CIMtech Mfg. Digital manufacturing utilizes integrated, computer-based system to create products and manufacturing processes. Digital manufacturing evolved from design for manufacturability (DFM), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) applies lean manufacturing processes with paperless workflow with digital tools.

Long-term cost reduction benefits of product development can be achieved with comprehensive digital manufacturing strategy. Our digital manufacturing processes streamline your manufacturing requirements from proof of concept to full production. This allows us to reduce manufacturing time & speeding up your time to market.

Our Digital Manufacturing Applications for workflow utilizes ERP (ProShop Software) for paperless workflow from concept Prototyping to Full Production work.

Our workflow enables manufacturing engineers, CNC machinist and tool makers to provide immediate feedback to designers if there are constraints in the part manufacturability. This collaboration between CIMtech Mfg. Machinist and mechanical design engineers creates a cooperative environment to reduce cost of manufacturing during early product development stages.

Our capabilities with state-of-the-art CNC Machine Shop can use digital manufacturing processes create 3D simulation for reducing part design errors and access different production variants during request for quote (RFQ) process. This transparency with our customers including precision planning and proposal preparation can help our customers to improve their part designs before moving to production.

Our digital CNC Machining processes involve user experience, allowing our customers to make faster decisions. With direct connectivity to our shop floor. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines can managed many different CNC Machined parts for effective manufacturing execution.

Benefits of Digital Manufacturing

  1. Digital manufacturing helps CIMtech Mfg. Machine Shop productivity in planning and production processes.
  2. It enables product, processes, plant, resources and information to be associated, viewed and taken through change processes, with a consistent and comprehensive approach to production design
  3. Allows part manufacturing processes to be optimized within a managed environment to produce flexible work instructions capable of displaying 2D/3D part information, along with machining and tooling instructions
  4. Reduces commissioning costs through simulation by validating robotics and automation programs virtually
  5. Our processes assist us in operating under optimal layout, material flow and throughput before production ramp-up
  6. Digital manufacturing processes supports lean initiatives.
  7. Facilitates and share quality data across our organization by generating complete, verifiable CAD-based machine inspection programs for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and numerical control (NC) machine tools
  8. Executes production processes with real-time access to data

Digital manufacturing can be defined as an integrated approach to manufacturing that is centered around a computer system. A machine is able to read a CAD (computer aided design) file in order to deliver it in a few hours. Within the same process, it is possible to prototype, produce CNC Machined Parts.

As consumers habits are evolving, it is necessary to find flexible production processes. Digital manufacturing helps us to meet our customer demands for quick turn around on high-quality CNC Machined Prototypes and Production Parts. Digital manufacturing enhances productivity. It allows real-time inventory monitoring us production to adapt our resources to benefit our customers for CNC Machine Shop work, CNC Machining, Quick Turn-Around Prototype Machining and Production Machining requirements.

Let us Help You Save on Your Project

Prototypes in 7 - 10 days, Production in 14 days.