Why our customers love us

CIMtech has been a fantastic company for New Product Introduction (NPI) projects during my numerous years working for a global fuel cell industry leader. We were able to keep the cost of the finished product low because of CIMtech Engineer’s speedy prototype turnaround time and DFM input.

CIMtech is truly a New Product Introduction asset for the fuel cell industry.

Mark Rancourt – Senior Mechanical Engineer

They have developed several complex CNC machined parts. Their regular feedback to simplify part CIMtech team has developed several complex fuel cell units for us. Their regular feedback to simplify part designs, helped us to reduce part cost significantly.

Charlie Elder– Engineering Manager at Fuel Cell Company

CIMtech is a remarkably agile company that flows with our production demands for Electrolyzer assemblies. Although our timelines are sometimes rushed, their quality never falters.

Sam, Purchasing Manager at Thyssenkrupp

We were able to find intelligent solutions offered by CIMtech for challenging geometrical manufacturing requirements for electrolyzer units. Their years of experience and patient attitude to work with young & senior designers helped us to optimize part costs. Whether it’s a simple cover or a highly integrated complicated fuel cell assembly, their talented manufacturing engineers, programmers & machinists work relentlessly to achieve the timeliness, quality & delivery on our projects.

Thomas Brown – VP Manufacturing

Our team is impressed with CIMtech’s digital manufacturing capabilities. CIMtech is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing suppliers. They will always go the extra mile to meet our specific deadlines.

Daniel, Sr. Procurement Agent at Automotive Fuel Cell Company

We look forward to working with the CIMtech manufacturing team to meet or exceed our requirements for Bikeshare manufactured assemblies for years to come.

Derrick – Director Purchasing at Bike Share Company