Why Choose CIMtech Mfg.?      

  • • One company. Single point contact. Customized solutions. We provide Manufacturing Engineering Support during product development to lower your part CNC machined part cost.
  • • Complete turn key solutions for multi axis high speed CNC Milling, CNC turning, Sheet Metal fabrication, Sub-assemblies and fabricated units. Quality assurance with fully traceable digital manufacturing systems.
  • • CIMtech Mfg. expertise in cost reduction techniques can assist you to define alternative manufacturing processes to lower cost of machining for prototyping and production.

How We Are Different?

  • • We work as a part of your development team. By providing feedback to lower cost of manufacturing.
  • • We take the time to learn and understand your business, your goals and needs.
  • • We use our expertise in manufacturing, precision machining and global resources to create solutions that works best for you.


CIMtech Manufacturing is a precision CNC machining company providing Services in CNC Prototypes , CNC production & Sub Assembled units to Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Energy, Marine and Electronics Industries.

• CNC machines with 4th & 5th Axis capabilities.
• Digital Work Flow – ERP software.
• Fully traceable Quality Assurance Systems.
• Complete sub-assemblies, CNC Machined parts, Prototyping to Production.
• Technical staff including CNC Machinists & Manufacturing Engineers.


By understanding the function of the parts, CIMtech Mfg. Inc. can improve manufacturing efficiency by concentrating on features critical to operation. Customers gain “Value through Innovation” with our Complimentary Manufacturing Engineering consultation.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a revolutionary concept or a company managing a team of 50 engineers, CIMtech Mfg. Inc’s innovation can make your product a success.

• Shorter product development cycle

• Unit Price reduction

• Simplified manufacturer

• Repeatable quality

Get Your Parts In 14 Days

Dedicated Machining and Prototyping Facilities for quick turn-around.